LAKE DISTRICT group accommodation & woodland


Our vision is that Rookhow will be a place of spiritual nourishment & growth, accessible to all member of the community, whilst retaining a strong Quaker ethos. Rookhow invites both young and old to live adventurously.


  • Simplicity
  • Nurture of individuals, groups and communities
  • Respect for Quaker heritage and vision for the future
  • Care for the natural environment
  • Sustainability


"I have spent 3 separate residential stays at Rookhow in the last 3 years. Each time, I have come away enriched, calmed, energised and with a renewed sense of my place and purpose in the world. Rookhow itself has had a significant impact on my development. Its simple provision reminds us how little we need of material and technological embellishments to our lives. And how a deep, connection with our natural world can be more deeply achieved with much, much less." (workshop participant)

"Rookhow is a very special place, something we all comment on during our weekend visits, the peace and simplicity of both the buildings, the woods and the wider Rusland valley create an experience which is very rare these days for busy families. We can step back and feel a connection with a simpler way of living, with each other, with the natural world and of course Quaker values. There is a feeling of real connection with Quakers of the past who came to meet at Rookhow, and present day Quakers and I love sharing this with my children."  (local Quaker family)

"Arriving at Rookhow feels like someone giving you a huge hug!" (Family Action Barrow)

"We have made so many memories and lots of new friends. We've had cook outs around the fire pits in the 12 acre woods, Easter egg hunts, seen so much wildlife
and the children even found a lizard under their bed!" (charitable group)

When asked how many the children would give it out of 10, all shouted 100!! Apart from one young child who said '9'. Why only 9? "Because we never found the bears in the woods!" (Retreat Away-funded group)

"The pure simplicity of Rookhow was a delight, as was the no internet signal. In a climate of busy lives, technology, screen time, it was wonderful to be in the knowledge that our stay would be technology free. Family time was wonderful with no distractions and the children found nature was all they needed to keep themselves entertained." (Bunkbarn guest)

"Interesting discussions with a very welcoming and sincere group of people. Whilst I am not a Quaker, I found the Epilogue and Monthly meetings very meaningful and thoughtful. The combination of meeting members of the Quaker community with locals from the Rusland Valley has been warmly appreciated." (local person)

"I just wanted to quickly write and thank you for yesterday. I felt really connected and welcomed at Rookhow and I'm excited to see how it all progresses. Thanks for the loan of the books as well." (new Rookhow volunteer, new to Quakerism)

"Just to say thanks for my visit to Rookhow yesterday. I did enjoy seeing the project developing and the walk in the woods. I wish could volunteer to help in some way but at the moment I have limited energy. Maybe in the Spring. Wishing you all well with the work that is being done." (local Quaker)

"Rookhow feels to be a 'thin place' somewhere that the mind and spirit feel eased into silence and communion more easily than others. I feel Rookhow has a presence, a knowing weight of history that welcomes and calls people to it"

"I am not sure that you fully comprehend your magnificent achievement. Every single person concerned has worked their socks off to make this project a success. The client groups have benefitted from your efforts. Be un-Quaker like and flog your success, both for information and advertising.......with superlatives. Thank you for your work!" (a Rookhow supporter)

“A big thank you for such a wonderful ‘Curious about Quakers’ weekend at Rookhow.

There is a calm, contemplative feeling to the place, with laughter and chatter and exploration too.”